the faces behind the treats



CEO, Treat-Taster Extraordinaire



Head Chef and Owner of Casey

My name is Amanda and I have a 13 year old Bichon Frise called Casey.

My very first job at 14 years old was a dishwasher in a dog boarding facility. Five years later, I returned to the same dog boarding facility as a care giver and quickly worked my way up to becoming the manager. I was responsible for taking care of up to 100 dogs a day. 

Although I loved dogs, I decided to study event management. After five intense years of working in the music events industry, I kept being pulled back to doing what I loved....being around dogs.

Being the owner of a senior dog, I find nutrition highly important for my dogs diet. I struggled to find healthy treats that Casey also liked the flavour of. One day I decided to give it a go myself and made a batch of banana, apple and pumpkin dog treats for her. She absolutely loved them!

Since then, I've been making them for other dogs to enjoy too. 

Your dog can enjoy our treats and you can know that they are not being fed nasty preservatives and every batch of treats is fresh. 

All I want to do is make dogs happy and I am so grateful that running Casey & Co gives me the opportunity to do so.

So go on, buy some treats and become a Friend of Casey & Co!